Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do your grandchildren think you are cool?

One very special grandfather is about to wow the newest generation with his music and set a very good example of self-expression and renewal to other grandparents. His grandchildren already know how cool he is; in fact, two of them joined him on his newest musical endeavor.
Neil Sedaka is well-known to baby-boomers as the amazing voice behind hits from the late 1950s including chart toppers "The Diary," "Oh! Carol," " Stairway to Heaven," "Calendar Girl," "Little Devil," "Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen," "Next Door To An Angel," and "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do," until the “British Invasion” pushed him through another doorway.
Sedaka continued to reinvent himself and the public always responded with praise and love. His fifty-plus year career success is shared with his wife of over 45 years, children and grandchildren and his talent seems to have been inherited by his son and daughter who are both involved in musical careers as well as his grandchildren. In fact, his six-year-old twin granddaughters Amanda and Charlotte are his backup singers in his newly released “Waking Up Is Hard To Do”. This collection of his hit songs re-invented for children includes:
1) Waking Up Is Hard To Do (Breaking Up is Hard to Do)
2) Dinosaur Pet (My Calendar Girl)
3) Where The Toys Are (Where the Boys are)
4) Lunch Will Keep Us Together (Love Will Keep Us Together)
5) Happy Birthday Number Three (Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen)
6) Laughter In The Rain
7) Rubber Duckie
8) Is This The Way To Cross The Street
9) Little Devil
10) I Go Ape
11) Baby’s First Christmas Lullabye
During his interview with NY1 Parenting Correspondent Shelly Goldberg, Sedaka attributed his musical awakening to the Brooklyn, NY public grade school he attended. This early interest in music was nurtured by parents who believed in him. Upon hearing from his second grade teacher that Neil had musical talent; his mother began working at a department store in order to afford a piano for him. Having that piano, in addition to his teacher’s and parents’ encouragement, led to Neil attending Julliard and his ultimate success in the musical world.

That is one reason Sedaka is a very strong proponent of music education in public schools.
If you want to check out Sedaka’s new tunes and perhaps buy the “Waking Up Is Hard To Do,” CD click here.
For more info: Neil Sedaka's website

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