Friday, February 26, 2010

Speaking of music

Speaking of music, records, etc. I have to share a great discovery with you.  I found a wonderful little shop on Bonanzle where you may be able to find "your song" from back in the day. Jeterdaman1's Booth is loaded with GOLD.

I guess the first song I ever danced to in public was Chuck Berry's Rock Around the Clock. I didn't see it there, but another golden oldie of Chucks, School Day  was there or, how about Paul Anka? The 45 record "You are my Destiny" its sultry melody is humming in my brain now.

There are LP records in the shop too. Best of the Beachboys looks good, or how about Paul Revere and the Raiders . Don't you buy that Elvis: recorded at Madison Square Garden LP though. I've got my eye on it.

Rock on!
This is NOT a paid ad, just a community service. I really like this booth. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not a 45 record but...

It seems appropriate after yesterday's post about my first 45 rpm record, to note my activities today. I was about 14, maybe even 16 at the time that took place and I was thrilled beyond belief to have that music available to play almost anytime I wanted. Well, that is, when my mother was able to tolerate another repetition or it.

Today, I was searching for a gift for my soon-to-be 16 year-old granddaughter. She loves her iPod as much as I loved my Hi Fi so it seemed perfect to buy her a gift card so she can download music from iTunes. 

I hope she enjoys searching through the list of songs as much as I enjoyed thumbing through the records at the record store when I bought that Elvis Presley record. Too bad she won't be able to put the artist's picture up on the wall the way I tacked up all my favorite record album sleeves on my bedroom wall. 

One advantage she has though: she can play her iPod most anywhere without someone complaining... "if I have to listen to that one more time...!"

photo: kovik / Sxc.Hu

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sixties_Chick's Groovin' On Shop is open for business

If you know what the meaning of groovy is... you might be a sixties chick.

I was remembering my first 45 speed record (was it the Sun label Elvis "Don't be Cruel"?) and how anxious I was to get home and play it on the new Hi Fi I had gotten for my birthday.  I briefly wondered if I could use one of the scatter pins on my sweater to play the music. Hmmmm, no.

Wish I could tell you that record is for sale in the Sixties_Chick shop, but sadly it was last seen being used for a Frisbee in the  summer of 1972.

However, there are a few vintage items in the shop and a wide variety of things you might enjoy. Let me know if you want to make an offer on any of these items. I am rarely insulted by an offer and usually say yes.

Have a groovy day!