Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's always a bad omen when my favorite coffee mug breaks. I am very superstitious about this because several times it has happened on the very day I have lost my job, wrecked my car, or some other horrific thing happened.

Last week I noticed my cherished eBay coffee mug had a huge chip in the rim. The chip led to a crack that ran down the side to nearly the bottom of the mug. My heart sank. "What's next" was all I could think.

This mug was very special to me since I bought in in San Jose at THE eBay gift shop. Now it sits on the retirement shelf of the cupboard among other esteemed colleagues from decades of collecting.

I had almost forgotten my grief as my dog and I walked in the bright sunlight that morning. Clumps of fresh mown grass lay on the sidewalk ahead looking slippery and dangerous, so I carefully stepped off the sidewalk... and into a grass camoflaged hole turning my ankle POP!

Moral of this story is: If your favorite coffee mug is found broken go directly to bed and stay there for the rest of the day. Nothing good can come of this!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Love Hurts

I fell for my youngest grandson the other day and can tell you it is no fun.

I don't have any visible marks outside my clothes, the X-rays showed no broken bones and happily there was nothing sharp in my way!

My youngest grandson was cruising with his new car-style walker in the kitchen while I was getting the other 4 boys (grandpa, dad, and 2 other gransons) settled for dinner. When we met at a tight intersection, I tried to gracefully ballet-leap over him, felt my balance was a bit off, and fearing I might land on him I gave it a turbo boost and catapulted myself into the middle of the kitchen. I grazed the oven with my back and landed squarely (if not so gracefully) on my elbow and shoulder (the "good" old one not the one that has been replaced with tinanium).

When I managed a sitting position, Darren looked at me, face full of glee as if to say "do it again grandma!" The kid is a world-class audience of one.