Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It's always a bad omen when my favorite coffee mug breaks. I am very superstitious about this because several times it has happened on the very day I have lost my job, wrecked my car, or some other horrific thing happened.

Last week I noticed my cherished eBay coffee mug had a huge chip in the rim. The chip led to a crack that ran down the side to nearly the bottom of the mug. My heart sank. "What's next" was all I could think.

This mug was very special to me since I bought in in San Jose at THE eBay gift shop. Now it sits on the retirement shelf of the cupboard among other esteemed colleagues from decades of collecting.

I had almost forgotten my grief as my dog and I walked in the bright sunlight that morning. Clumps of fresh mown grass lay on the sidewalk ahead looking slippery and dangerous, so I carefully stepped off the sidewalk... and into a grass camoflaged hole turning my ankle POP!

Moral of this story is: If your favorite coffee mug is found broken go directly to bed and stay there for the rest of the day. Nothing good can come of this!

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