Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The price of fashion might be surprising

I needed retail therapy today. After looking at the prices of current fashion pieces, I needed latte therapy. I was half way through the foam when I realized how smart these tattooed kids today really are. If they keep it up, they won't need clothes at all. Well, at least not for keeping up their fashionista reps.

After giving up on the clothes and shoes shopping, I began to concentrate on more practical needs. Several stores yielded nothing on my list, but the third was looking hopeful. I found great towels in the colors I had been unable to find for the past few months, a new shower curtain to match and a nice set of placemats to replace the chintz ones I've grown to despise.

Now, on to the coasters... you know, those little squares or rounds you put under your drinks? My search was in vain. I couldn't find any that weren't either a) breakable  b) delicious looking to a toddler c) unbelievably ugly. 

"Maybe I can find one on-line!" I thought. Guess what? There are thousands to choose from. This is going to take a while.  

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corfubob said...

That'll teach you to make such things yourself!! Do I detect a sixties theme now and then? Back then we used to MAKE things. I'm onto you Pat......