Friday, July 2, 2010

First taste of Florida

Troy and Linda were determined to stay awake that first day until our bedtime and not take a nap. My hubster Lon had gotten home by the time we finished tea so we took off on an adventure.

One of our favorite drives is along the Indian River north through Rockledge and into Cocoa Village. They were properly engaged but fighting sleep, so we decided to stop for coffee at a place we knew.

Unfortunately, this late in the afternoon, only the bartender was on duty at Murdock's and he assured us that while he could make us an iced coffee, it would be disappointing. He recommended we try one of the hundreds of flavored vodkas that soared above the back bar. Since the boys were having a beer, it didn't seem too crazy a suggestion and before we knew it, Linda had ordered a cappuccino martini and I had a huge B-52 in front of me. We all had to taste these two drinks and agreed that while Linda's was well blended and tasty. Mine had layers of liquor (Kahlua on the bottom, then Irish Cream, then coffee flavored vodka) and over powering. It was a beautiful drink, but I finally had to stir it to make it palatable.

We girls were flying high before the drinks were finished and our chuckles had turned into peals of laughter as we imagined what would be next if we stayed around this eclectic place. We had a great time looking at the details of this crazy place while getting to know each other.

After a dinner of baked shells and meat sauce and a bedtime cup of tea, the two toddled off to what I hoped was a night of sleep after their long sleepless journey.

As for me, I slept like a well-loved baby, happy that my friend and I had 4 more wonderful days to spend together.

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