Monday, October 12, 2009

eBay blog-o-sphere has evaporated

You will notice some of my posts have old dates at the top of the body. That is because eBay has announced the end of the eBay blog will happen this month, October 2009. I had written a few posts and wanted to keep them for future reference, so I parked them here. Since I am not monetizing this blog at this time, I doubt if anyone cares that they are out of date. If someone objects, too bad. That's the way it is!

As to eBay eliminating the blogs from their site. I am sorry to say, it needed to be done. The original purpose it served has been far too polluted by those who prefer to complain about their problems with eBay and PayPal (whether or not it was their own fault) and the negativity and drama weren't doing anyone any good.

Yes, there is freedom of speech. That means, if you want to post negative comments about eBay and PayPal, do it on your own blog. Don't expect the business you are complaining about provide you the space and platform for you to complain against them. That is just dumb! Would you expect JC Penney to allow you to put up a negative poster on the bulletin board inside their store? Of course not!

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