Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tales from Gram-eBay


I listed 29 ceramic pieces over the last two days and with every item I thought of my former mother-in-law and her ceramics shop. I still have most of the pieces she and I made in that little shop where she taught and sold her craft. At Christmas the Holy Family is first on display and last to be put away after the holidays. Next most precious is the Santa with sleigh and 3 reindeer. Those poor deer have had all their legs broken and mended over the years.

These are mostly  bisque ceramic pieces, ready to stain or glaze and fire. They came to me from an estate sale. The lady who poured them was a very talented craftsman and these were packed away very carefully in the 1980s when she became ill and unable to finish them. There are no duplicates. A few of the pieces are finished with glaze.

The only thing left now is a large set of dinnerware that is also ceramic bisque. Only one piece of the dinnerware is completed, probably as an example. These pieces are retro-modern, square shaped and smooth simplicity.

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