Friday, April 2, 2010

Springtime traditions

Connie's Brain Foggles  blog today asks the question: Do you have a family tradition for Spring Break? Be sure to click on the link above to visit her blog and get started visiting blogs from there (after reading mine of course).

Our Spring break plans seemed to change each year as the children, then the grandchildren have grown but it always involved the traditional Easter egg coloring and hunt as well as a big ham, grandpa’s shrimp salad and his potato salad. Our house is family central, at least for a few more years. I imagine as my daughter and son-in-law find their dream house and settle in, the festivities will move to that location. I will be happy to bring the rolls, dessert and wine!

Our two year old grandson starts the cycle again this year as he is just old enough to really share my appreciation for fine CHOCOLATE! This means I can buy him a chocolate Easter bunny and eat the ears off. Well, maybe a tiny one!

One of the favorite traditions from years past was taking flowers to church to add to the 8 foot high Easter flower cross.

However you celebrate Spring, I hope you will enjoy fair weather and sunshine and be able to hear the birds sing.

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